EC Group’s expertise and professionalism enables our clients to focus their time and resources on their own core activities, safe in the knowledge that their customer service, fulfilment and logistics is in safe hands. Our experience covers a variety of clients across a range of market sectors including...

Automotive and transport

Mailing and fulfilment services for one of the world's most prestigious automotive brands involving daily data processing, personalisation and match mailing.

Agency: Advertising & Sales Promotion

With our energetic and committed account teams, we provide the support to agencies looking after a variety of high profile brands. Our flexible production capacity and vast experience of handling promotional mailings and promotional kit assembly ensure that product is delivered on time to merchandisers' homes or direct to outlets.

Our comprehensive tracking and database systems provide complete traceability and enable you to measure the efficiency of your campaign material.

Banking and financial services

EC Group provides highly secure handling and mailing services for one of the UK's leading high street banks in an environment where confidentiality, accuracy and fast turnaround are of paramount importance. Our history supporting the banking industry is extensive with proven capability covering complex mailings and large scale campaign activity.


EC provides a range of expert logistics and fulfilment services to a number of national charities supplying an extensive network of supporters with a range of publicity, educational, fundraising and campaigning materials.

E-commerce operators

With flexible storage capacity and highly responsive picking and packing capability, EC Group provides a safe pair of hands for a number of e-commerce operators allowing them to concentrate on product sourcing and development while we look after their storage, handling and fulfilment requirements.

Entertainment and tourism

Our comprehensive handling service and the ability to manage complex installations and make timed, personal deliveries to exhibitions supports the event management departments of a number of national organisations.

With the capacity to handle major global distributions and local deliveries to places of national interest, EC Group provides logistics support for the national tourism agency responsible for marketing Britain worldwide and for developing England's visitor economy.

Food, beverage & FMCG

EC Group handles the delivery to high street outlets of a range of marketing materials for the promotional departments of major food and FMCG brands. With flexible and scaleable resources, we can efficiently manage the seasonal peaks and fluctuations that are a feature of this sector.

Media and technology

With proven capability across hard copy and electronic media, EC Group provides response handling support for campaigns and promotions run by national and international media and technology groups.

Professional Services

With high quality contact centre, response handling, e-commerce and mailing facilities, EC Group provides a range of support services to the UK's leading advisory, conciliation and arbitration service.

With design, production and logistics under one roof, EC Group provides a fully joined-up print and distribution service that helps deliver the information, advice and legal help that people need to deal with a wide range of challenges.

Public sector

Central government

Working with some of the largest government departments, EC Group handles a range of publications in hard copy and electronic format, providing comprehensive multi-channel contact centre, e-commerce, warehousing, fulfilment and mailing services for various government departments.

Local government

EC Group provide a range of outsourced services that support local government. Comprehensive multi-channel contact centre, e-commerce, warehousing, fulfilment and mailing services are all services that fit the requirements of both the development and management of short and long term projects.


Our capacity to undertake massive projects has been proven through handling the distribution to schools, colleges and LEAs of statutory test materials. This type of project requires detailed planning, large-scale handling resources and rigorous quality control – all key to the EC Group offer.

Our contact centre also provides enrolment support for a leading higher education establishment, giving advice and assistance to prospective students on course availability, entry requirements and enrolment procedures.


Smoking is known to be the principal avoidable cause of premature deaths in the UK. EC Group provides a broad range of contact centre and fulfilment services backed up by comprehensive account management in support of the national tobacco control campaign.


Providing full-service solutions encompassing response handling, print on demand and ecommerce, EC Group ensures the continuous availability of important regulatory information in a range of media (hard copy, print on demand, electronic PDF or HTML) for a number of public authorities and agencies whose remits span a range of commercial sectors.

Trade and industry

Handling a range of publications in hard copy and electronic format, EC Group provides comprehensive multi-channel contact centre, e-commerce, warehousing, fulfilment and mailing services for the government department responsible for trade, business, employees, consumers, science and energy in the UK.


Working with one of Europe's leading environmental consultancy and technology companies, EC Group provides highly efficient response handling, mailing and fulfilment services in support of a major environmental campaign. Key to this service is our ability to deliver services in an environmentally efficient manner managing stock, printing on demand and recycling packaging.

Retail & luxury goods

EC Group provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions for B2C retail operations, managing all aspects of the supply chain from hosting and operation of Websites through to direct delivery to private addresses.

EC Group also provides a wide range of services in support of promotional activity for campaigns and ongoing brand support. We handle large-scale POS campaign kit production and ongoing merchandise fulfilment with deliveries to high street outlets, regional retail distribution centres or to international markets. We also provide voucher redemption, data-capture and promotional evaluation.

We provide high quality, cost-effective solutions to meet a wide range of bespoke service requirements, tailoring our services to meet the individual requirements of every customer. With dedicated storage areas for high-value items, exacting quality controls and a real commitment to every one of our clients, our service delivery supports the luxury standards of some of the world's leading brands