Third Sector Round-up

How charities can plan for a new financial year

Source: Charity Digital

As the new financial year begins, Charity Digital suggests you should reflect on the previous year to plan for this year. Consider what went well, what went wrong, and what you could improve. After that, you can set budgets, diversify your offering, and invest in technology to plan ahead as best as possible.

Charities also need to be aware of the current challenging economic conditions and how these could affect your decisions. You may need to adapt the usual yearly planning to become more frequent, as the ever-changing cost of living makes budgets more difficult to predict.

Manchester carpark turns into classroom run by volunteers for refugees

Source: The Guardian

Volunteers have made makeshift classrooms for hundreds of refugee children, as they await their asylum status confirmation. As places have not yet been found in Manchester’s local schools, hotel carparks have turned into temporary classrooms for refugees from countries including Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq and Syria. Residents of the hotels are helping their children’s development by adding structure, learning, and interaction with other children.

Over 930,000 unpaid carers’ benefits cut

Source: Charity Today

Changes to the state benefit system is leaving over 930,000 carers way behind the current cost of living. The Carer’s Allowance is already one of the lowest paying benefits in Britain, and with a small increase of only 3.1%, it will leave people struggling to keep up with the current rate of inflation, predicted to hit 8% in April.

Celebrations as landmark animal rights law passes

Source: Charity Today

An animal sentience bill passes the final stages, creating a “landmark law” and reason for celebration. The law recognises that animals have feelings. A committee to protect animal welfare is also to be established.

Many animal rights campaigners who have been supporting the progress of the new law organised celebrations. Singer Alesha Dixon secured over 100,000 signatures in a petition or the bill in 2019, signed by many including celebrity actress Joanna Lumley.

Building climate awareness into your charity

Source: Charity Digital

According to the Charity Finance Group survey, 84% of charities don’t have a net zero objective and only 14% currently report on their carbon emissions. As climate change affects everyone, it’s important that charity organisations build in climate awareness to avoid getting left behind.

Charity Digital suggests some key places to start, including –

  • Educate trustees to communicate to the leaders and to set accountability
  • Create a collaborative plan that utilises other local businesses to reduce waste
  • Incorporate easy workplace changes, such as recycling and energy efficient light bulbs
  • Reduce your digital footprint by streamlining your website
  • Publish sustainability and environmental policies online