Third Sector Round-up

Coronavirus: A round-up of available funding

Source: Charity Times

During the coronavirus crisis, charities are in dire need of additional funding. The Charity Times rounds up donations made by a variety of organisations to numerous charities during this national crisis.

Barclays have launched a £100m community aid package for charities supporting people impacted by the coronavirus crisis. The National Lottery Community Fund is releasing up to £300m of its lottery funding to charities working in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Many other organisations have also donated to charities helping those impacted by coronavirus. This additional funding will help charities mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

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How Charities are coping with COVID-19

Source: Charity Digital

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, charities have used digital technology to overcome communication, outreach, and service delivery challenges. Due to the government’s restrictions, online video conferencing, social media, and networking have been adopted by charities. Due to social distancing, the use of video conferencing has become fundamental to many types of organisations, including charities.

This article by Charity Digital explores a few ways charities are adjusting their service to operate during the current pandemic. For instance, many charities are turning to online means of delivering their support service digitally.

To help expecting couples during this difficult period, they can now access NCT courses online, where they can learn all about pregnancy, birth, and the early days of a new-born. This initiative has been introduced to ensure expecting couples get essential support from the safety of their own homes.

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How to support charities during self-isolation

Source: Cybertill

There are around 163,000 charities located in the UK supporting good causes. Over 11,000 charity shops have had to close in the UK due to the restrictions imposed by the government to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

This article by Cybertill suggests four ways you can help charities during the coronavirus lockdown:

  1. Spring clear-out
  2. Fundraise
  3. Donate
  4. Volunteer

Charities need your help in supporting society’s most vulnerable citizens during the pandemic. The article goes into more detail about how you can assist charities in providing much-needed relief to those affected by the coronavirus.

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SpareHand helps charities find and manage volunteers for free amid Covid-19 pandemic

Source: Charity Digital

The SpareHand platform was developed to match voluntary workers with charities that are helping communities affected by the coronavirus outbreak. SpareHand are helping charities by providing this free platform which helps charities find, manage, and schedule volunteers. So far, over 1,000 volunteers have signed up through SpareHand.

SpareHand was launched by HireHand, which focuses on helping vulnerable people find work. HireHand’s founder said they set up SpareHand to ensure charities mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 have ease and efficiency when organising their volunteers.

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