Retail and ECommerce Round-up

Global Fulfilment: A Guide to Finding the Right Shipping Partner

Source: Shopify

This article discusses how coronavirus has impacted the e-commerce sector and provides guidance around which shipping company to use for your e-commerce business. It goes into detail about how the virus has changed consumer behaviour.

E-commerce fulfilment partners have identified three risks to global fulfilment during the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Reduced warehouse capacity.
  2. Warehouse closures.
  3. Shipping disruptions.

Fulfilment times for certain orders have risen by 40% due to the coronavirus. This makes it challenging for e-commerce business owners to keep their fulfilment promises to customers. Most shipping companies are warning customers of expected delays, with some even suspending international delivery.

This article by Shopify offers guidance around selecting a shipping partner, including the main costs to consider.

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Latest Retail Technologies For 2020

Source: Retail Focus

Technology helps retail companies to compete for business, improve customer experience, and increase efficiency. Retail Focus explores breakthroughs in technology that are shaping the retail industry in 2020.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being adopted by retailers who wish to use them to analyse customer data and produce actionable insights. AI could potentially predict customer needs and streamline the shipping process.

The idea of self-checkout is being developed to the heights in 2020, with new checkout systems focused on eliminating the need for cashiers. In these new stores, purchases will be made using a mobile device.

The article by Retail Focus provides information regarding other technological advances in the retail industry, such as in-store digitalisation.

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Benefits of Physical Store vs Online Shop

Source: Retail Focus

This article explores the benefits of a physical store and why there is still a demand for retailers. Many online shoppers are left disappointed when the product that arrived looks different to the one displayed online. Going to a physical store provides you with a unique experience. You can see all the goods in person and are able to ask staff questions if needed.

Another huge benefit is that physical stores allow customers to get their goods instantly and without the shipping costs, saving time and money.

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Short-Term Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Online Retailers Through COVID-19

Source: Shopify

The coronavirus has impacted business sectors all around the world, forcing companies to adapt their operations. This insightful article looks at how digital marketing strategies could help online retails during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shopify offers three overall suggestions to help online retailers:

  1. Look at your short-term messaging: you need to communicate things like temporary changes to your opening hours.
  2. Review your short-term digital marketing spend: many businesses are boosting their digital marketing activity because more people are online due to the lockdown.
  3. Create geo-specific audiences in your digital marketing campaigns: ensure you research what the current situation of any countries you target and align your messaging with this.

This article highlights that the coronavirus crisis is an ideal opportunity to communicate with you customers and change your marketing approach. Read the full article