A further update (15th May) re. the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

We are pleased to report that we are seeing a significant increase in activity and have been delighted to bring a number of colleagues back from furlough. In addition, consistent with the release from lockdown, we are taking steps to create additional safe capacity in readiness for a further expected increase in demand.

As part of that process we have implemented all relevant measures to make our business COVID-19 Secure in line with government advice in this regard. We are therefore publishing extracts from our Pandemic Risk Assessment, and our COVID-19 Secure notice – see below.

We remain confident that we can offer an uninterrupted service along with exercising meticulous care with regard to the safety of everyone in the business. Our Health & Safety team will continue to meet on a regular basis to monitor the situation as events unfold.

If you have any specific questions about the measures we are taking or if you’d like to talk about activity in the coming weeks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ecgroupinfo@ecgroup.co.uk

Best wishes,

Chris Long – Executive Chairman

Gavin Weekes – Chief Operating Officer

Nick Mackley – Chief Finance Officer

15th May 2020