A Message re. the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

We understand that in these unprecedented circumstances you may be concerned about the continuity of service from EC Group. We would like to assure you that our top priorities remain meeting our obligations to our customers and protecting the wellbeing of our colleagues.

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak we have been reviewing our business continuity plan and as things stand, we are satisfied that we have taken the steps required to ensure our team can continue to provide the service you expect from our company.

As part of our plan we will be making greater use of working from home arrangements and collaborative communication facilities. Microsoft Teams is our preferred platform for the latter. Obviously, that technology is not applicable to our warehouse operation where we need a significant on-site presence. We are therefore taking all appropriate measures to ensure our premises remain safe workplaces.

One of those measures is maintaining a stable workforce, all of whom we know will adhere to the requisite public health guidance. As a result, we will be minimising the use of temporary staff and managing our production requirements using our full-time colleagues, whose well-being we wish to preserve. We will keep all our customers advised of any implications in terms of lead times and delivery dates as a result of this measure.

At this stage, we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 and we are in touch with our workforce on a daily basis regarding Government advice and preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus. Our Emergency Response Team will continue to meet at least weekly while this remains an issue.

As a result of the measures we’re taking we do not foresee any supply chain issues, and by putting our people first, we are aiming to ensure that all our customers can continue to receive an uninterrupted service.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about activity in the coming weeks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your usual EC Group contacts or you can contact us at ecgroupinfo@ecgroup.co.uk

Best wishes,

Chris Long – Executive Chairman

Gavin Weekes – Chief Operating Officer

Nick Mackley – Chief Finance Officer

18th March 2020