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How Improving ‘Readability’ Can Step up Your Charity’s Content Marketing

Source: Charity Digital

Recent studies have concluded that visitors only read about 20% of any given copy on a web page. This is why you need to make your website, blog or social media content grab your audience’s attention quickly and deliver the information they need.

By improving readability, charities without specialist content staff can mimic the pros and improve engagement online, create a positive impression and experience for users, and improve their SEO game by helping search engines spot quality content.

In this article, Charity Digital explain the importance of effective readability for charities.

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Two Thirds of Charities Failing to Meet Fundraising Reporting Standards

Source: Charity Times

Just 40 per cent of charities are fully compliant with fundraising reporting requirements as set out by the Fundraising Regulator, new figures have shown.

Under the Charities Act, charities are required to provide a statement on fundraising in their annual reports, prompting charities to show how they are protecting donors and the public from poor fundraising practices.

But research by the regulator has found 60 per cent of charities are not fully compliant with these requirements and are providing inadequate fundraising statements in their annual reports.

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Charity retailers outperform high street stores amid ‘conscious consumerism’

Source: Charity Times

Charity retail sales soared in Q4 2019, bucking the high-street trend amid ‘conscious consumerism’.

New research from accountancy firm BDO has found charity retailers are outperforming high street stores as shoppers turn to more affordable and sustainable alternatives.

The results come after both Oxfam and Save the Children recorded an increase in sales, particularly around the Christmas period when shoppers sought recycled and second-hand goods at a lower cost.

This article by Charity Times explains the how charity retailers are outperforming high street stores amid ‘conscious consumerism’.

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How Environment and Conservation Charities are Using Tech to Drive Change

Source: Charity Digital

Environment and conservation charities have had their profiles lifted through intense media coverage on climate change, Greta Thunberg’s call to action and Australia’s wildfire outbreak. While many are already on the radar for digital innovation, here is a look at some of the most powerful conversations in social media and mobile, and how environment charities have been using tech to supplement their calls for action.

In this article, Charity Digital examine how environment and conservation charities are using cutting-edge tech and digital innovation to drive change and achieve their mission.

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