Retail and Ecommerce Round-up

What is Visual Commerce, and why does it Matter for Online Businesses?

Source: Omnistar

An increasing number of bricks and mortar store brands are marking their online presence with e-commerce and using visual commerce to take their brands to the next level. Now, everything is in favour of the marketers as they are helping their brands take a step ahead by providing exciting shopping experiences to their users backed up by technical innovations.

With this new tech-savvy generation, the scope of online business is increasing every single day. Read this article to find out what visual commerce is and what it can do for your online business.

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What is the Future of Ecommerce? 10 Insights on the Evolution of an Industry

Source: Shopify

The resurrection of commerce is happening all around us. With headless commerce and progressive web applications (PWA), the world is becoming a storefront as brands enable commerce via smart mirrors, video games and live streams.

The future is bright and is being shaped by the following trends in 2020 and beyond:

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Customer Retention in the New Year

Source: Retail Focus

As we enter a new year for retail, it’s more important than ever in an increasingly competitive environment to retain customers. Loyalty is something which is invaluable for retailers and can be highly beneficial for not only ensuring returning customers, but also gaining new custom through reviews and suggestions.

There are many factors which can impact on a customer’s likelihood to return, and therefore it’s important to understand the elements of your business which encourage customer loyalty, and those areas which may perhaps need improvement.

Read this article by Retail Focus to find out what these could be.

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5 Ways AI is Revolutionising Retail in 2020

Source: Retail Focus

The presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retail is no secret—more and more companies are finding their second wind thanks to intelligent software and machine learning processes. The benefits of this transition can vary between industries, but retailers generally enjoy more consistent profits, better client outreach, and improved market flexibility thanks to AI tools. As a whole, AI is revolutionizing the way many companies approach their business processes.

This article by Retail Focus details exactly how AI is making big changes to these processes, and what areas it is influencing.

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