Can We Reduce (or Eliminate) Plastic From The Supply Chain?

The world has awoken to the damaging effects of plastics on our oceans and planet. Worryingly, the microplastics freely contaminating our oceans have fossilised and are present in the Earth’s sediment core. Scientists are even saying that after the bronze and iron ages, the current period may be dubbed ‘the plastic age’. 

It is estimated that up to 12.7 million tons of plastic may enter our oceans annually, killing marine life and harming our ecosystems. Plastic is utilised by countless industries. It is cheap, lightweight, durable and easily modified. Its mass production started in the 1950s and has increased exponentially. Industries heavily reliant on plastic need to act fast.

The Biggest Offenders

You only need to open your eyes to find plastic, it is everywhere. Industries and organisations can have the largest positive impact and need to lead by example, but which are the biggest plastic offenders?

Across Europe the share of the total plastics usage by industry sector is:

  • Packaging 39.5%
  • Building and construction 20.1%
  • Automotive 8.6%
  • Electrical and electronic 5.7%
  • Agriculture 3.4%

It is challenging to motivate industries to change. If alternatives do not meet procurement costs and quality standards companies will be reluctant to do so. The supply chain industry is a big offender as it continually demands packaging. Plastic is routinely used to wrap, protect, safely store and transport goods all over the world. Shrink wrap, bubble wrap and plastic films can most likely be found in every warehouse – and in every home – across the country.

EC Group is a leading 3PL provider specialising in fulfilment, handling and delivery solutions; both nationally and internationally. We service a broad array of industries and sectors, from automotive and transport to healthcare and eCommerce. We take our commitment to our clients and the environment seriously and are keen to take positive steps to protect our planet. We are reducing our reliance on plastic wherever possible and implementing new practices and policies.

As part of that commitment, in collaboration with our clients, we are replacing plastic bubble wrap with a recyclable and ocean-friendly alternative: paper. This contribution and significant change will be one of many that will radically reduce our usage of plastic and risk of consequent pollution.

If you would like further details on a partnership with EC Group, that combines reliable logistics with actionable concern for the environment, we would love to hear from you.

A partnership with us can also benefit your business in many other ways, including:

  • greater scalability and flexibility
  • more services and service options
  • improved turnaround times and service levels
  • eliminate fixed overheads and reduce variable costs
  • stronger discounts and economies of scale on shipping and packaging costs

To discuss a responsible logistics solution for your business, please get in touch with one of our experienced account managers.