Third Sector Round-Up

The Charity Jobs That Could Soon be Enhanced by AI

Source: Charity Digital

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of scaremongering around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of employment. However, in just a few years, artificial intelligence could be doing the repetitive and mind-numbing work your workers and volunteers dislike, opening them up to more opportunities to concentrate on innovating and expanding your mission.

In this article, Charity Digital explore a few of the charity jobs that artificial intelligence and machine learning can enhance, and how this might happen.

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Charities Need to Start Caring About the New Digital Tax Rules – Here’s Why

Source: Charity Digital

It may not be glamorous, but tax will go digital, and organisations will rapidly have to adapt to the new regulations which will benefit them long term.

Tax will now be going digital for all non-profit organizations from 1 October this year. The government is adopting important new legislation on how organisations process and send taxes and payments with the scheme being known as ‘Making Tax Digital.’

This article from Charity Digital explains why tax is going digital, and what charities can do to ensure they comply with the new legislation.

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Instagram Launches Donations Tool

Source: Charity Times

Here the Charity Times investigate the latest tool for any charity’s digital arsenal – Instagram donations. As part of a fresh initiative announced by Instagram this year, eligible charities will be able to produce Instagram stories, with the option to add a donation ‘ sticker ‘ to help raise money for your cause.

Could this be something you can utilise to target the 1 billion active users on Instagram, 70% of whom under the age of 35 and could be potential new donors for your organisation?

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Essentials of Promoting Gift Aid

Source: Cybertill

Gift Aid is extremely important to charities, as it’s a great way to get an extra 25% relief from HMRC, which goes directly towards your cause. The problem is, do your supporters and donors know anything about it and how much money could you be missing out on?

In this article, Cybertill explore 4 ways to promote Gift Aid, not just relying on word-of-mouth and having a small sign in your shop.

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