Is Same-day Delivery a Realistic Fulfilment Goal?

Does Your Business Need Same Day Delivery?

It’s a good question and a hot topic. Consumer demands and buying behaviours are evolving and with this evolution, both small and big-name brands are stepping into the same-day arena. But can the challenge of same-day delivery realistically be fulfilled?

A Popular Trend

No doubt you have already ordered online and enjoyed the moment your delivery arrives later that day. Convenience reigns supreme and same-day delivery is creeping into our lives. Enthusiastic retailers keen to reward shoppers and exploit this popular trend are getting onboard.

It sounds good but actually fulfilling a same-day delivery is a huge challenge.

Can you offer sufficiently extensive geographical coverage? Can you turn the orders around in time? Do you have the network and capability to deliver your promise to your customers?

The Need Is There

PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey for 2018  reveals that consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery and retailers are responding. Likewise, the B2B (Business-to-Business) market can also benefit from the value-added option of same-day delivery. From production lines and service components to urgent documents – the need is there.

But whilst same-day delivery can provide an impressive customer experience, reports over Christmas 2018 suggest that some e-tailers, notably Asos and Amazon Prime, received backlash for failed deliveries. Read more here.

Can and should you respond to this rising demand? Or is same-day delivery an unrealistic goal?

There are important factors for you to consider:

  • Supply and demand

Can you process and fulfil orders within such a tight window?

  • Coverage and supplier

 Industry giants have the clout to grasp the opportunities and offer multiple delivery options, however without their level of resource you will need a highly effective, super-fast outsourced fulfilment service

  • Automation and order fulfilment

Whatever route you take, every minute matters; from the moment your valued customer processes an order – right through to their completed delivery. Stock management, order fulfilment and the  same-day delivery service must all be on point.

The Conclusion

Exhaustive and impressive delivery and fulfilment is not solely reserved for the big brands. As buying behaviours evolve ensure your business should also evolve.

A same-day delivery offer could yield your competitive edge and provide a service option that will delight your customers. But you have to get it right!

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Our extensive network and capabilities become an extension of yours, producing seamless results you can rely on. The moment your customer orders everything is quietly taken care of and your service promises are fulfilled. You will feel our passion and commitment in the care and support we provide, and so will your customers.

Don’t keep up with industry trends, lead them.

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