Quarterly Third Sector Round-up

Direct Marketing in a Post-GDPR World: Expert Report

Source: Third Sector

In this report, Third Sector Insight and ReAD Group review the world of direct marketing after GDPR. They refute the rumours of Direct Mail’s demise – by using the latest technology creatively and thoughtfully with personalisation and targeting Direct Mails is still a relevant and highly-effective channel for Charities to acquire new supporters through.

The research suggests that well-targeted, well-designed direct mail can resonate with people in a way email or other digital channels cannot.

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Mid-level Donors Need to Feel Special

Source: Third Sector

Convincing supporters to give bigger amounts can often be achieved without breaking the budget. Lisa Clavering reports for the Third Sector. Mid-value giving is the often left out of charity fundraising plans. Conference are given over to individual giving and philanthropy, but all too often mid-level giving is overlooked.


Recently, though, mid-value giving has grown in importance partly because recruiting new supporters and high-value donors is getting tougher.

More charities are looking to work in a smarter way with their existing supporters. Here are some tips to help you get a mid-value programme rolling: Start with what you have got – identify your mid-value donors and work with them towards higher value giving. Mid-value donors do need more back though, you need to build a program to help them feel closer to the cause. The key is 1. Ask. 2. Thank. 3. Show Impact. If you treat your donors are peers, partners not just givers, they will be more likely to donate more.

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How to Create a Great Charity Website Experience

Source: Charity Digital News

More than 1,000 people with MS helped to create the MS Society’s friendly and intuitive new website – Charity Digital News sat down with CEO Michelle Mitchell to find out how.

The website is a vital source of support for over 100,000 people with MS in the UK, providing information and bringing people together to share experiences. By starting with people who use the website MS Society were able to create a new site that met their needs.

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Why is it so Hard to Climb the Career Ladder at a Charity?

Source: The Guardian

The Guardian talks to charity workers about the headaches of trying to build a career in the third sector. With organisations afraid to take risks, upset the status quo or invest in staff, there’s no room at the top for new faces. Sometimes if you want to further your career it is counted against you, because it’s almost seen as you’re putting yourself over the charity’s main aims.

Often the voluntary sector is more risk averse than other industries and may be reluctant to take a chance on someone new to the position. That was one of the concerns Dame Mary Marsh addressed in 2013, when she published a report reviewing the voluntary sector’s needs in developing a skilled workforce. The review warned of an impending leadership vacuum if talent was not nurtured further down the organisation.

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