Quarterly Retail & eCommerce Roundup

8 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing an E-Commerce Fulfilment Company

Source: PC Mag

Here PC Magazine discusses how companies whose business model revolves around e-commerce have more to consider than initial customer interactions – what follows that process can be even more important.

Choosing the right e-commerce fulfilment service is critical. For many e-commerce companies managing the supply chain, warehousing, shipping, and product deliveries will be handled by these companies. Those processes are crucial interactions that can make or break your first customer impression.

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Uniting Retail: Why the Online Vs Offline Debate Must End

Source: Financial Express

The growth of online retail is blamed for the closing shopfronts on US and European streets and dead malls in India and China. At the same time, Amazon is opening stores and buying offline retail operations in the US and India, whilst the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, is absorbing India’s e-commerce market leader.

What in the world is going on? The short answer: consumers want choice and retailers have no choice.

In this article the Financial Express present the case for how retail should not be divided between ‘old-world physical’ and ‘upstart online’. Successful retailers and brands have always been able to integrate multiple channels and environments to reach customers.

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Serial Returners’ are on the Rise — and it’s Causing Headaches for Retailers

Source: UK Business Insider

In this article UK Business Insider review the delicate balance between offering good customer service, but not allowing outrageous, or even fraudulent, returns.

Some retailers are acting to stop customers who make frequent returns. Amazon announced in May that it would ban “customers who habitually return merchandise.” Reports show that that found that 61% of US-based retailers were considering instituting similar lifetime bans.

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Why It’s Time for Brands & Retailers to ‘Double Tap’ Social Commerce

Source: RetailTechNews

Everyone is talking about ‘social commerce’ – it’s the hottest buzzword in eCommerce right now. In this article Chloe Cox, e-commerce consultant explains to Retail Tech News that it is developing into a whole new way to sell.

Where previously you might have been able to write it off as advertising by a different name as social ads drove people to outside websites, now platforms are using integrated solutions. This means they are looking to enable the customer to physically complete the purchase within the social channels – aka ‘native shopping’.

Although this isn’t common among the platforms yet, Instagram’s proposed expansion into e-commerce shows its ambitions to become a key player in this market. It’s not just Instagram, earlier in the year Snapchat partnered with Nike to sell its new Air Jordan trainer directly within the platform. And if we know anything about social media – where one goes others will follow.

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