The Impact of Effective Marketing Fulfilment

·     Looking the part

It’s no use selling high-end products, services and solutions, only to let yourself down with poor marketing materials, and even poorer fulfilment. After all, high-touch materials can make your business look like a leader in its industry. So, if you are serious about gaining traction in your market, your marketing collateral must send the right message, just as your fulfilment must ensure your collateral rapidly reaches your audience.

·     Building trust

Sending prospects the materials they have asked for as a means to influence their decision-making process is a pivotal function. At this initial enquiry stage, the relationship is often quite tenuous, so getting the right collateral to the right people at the right time is vital to build the trust needed for that individual to make the right decision, i.e. to buy your products/services. Effective marketing fulfilment will help achieve this.

·     Carrying the brand

If you’re looking to influence buying decisions, you should aim to create a lasting impression with good collateral. After all, collateral is an important sales tool… It effectively carries the brand and can help to establish that vital connection with prospects.

Effective fulfilment combined with powerful marketing collateral gives your business the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Your collateral should be flexible, so it can be utilised in a variety of ways, i.e. to shape or change prospects’ perceptions about your organisation, or to highlight past performance and showcase the difference you’ve made to existing customers.

Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to see marketing collateral as a tactical asset. Such companies often neglect to use it as an influential tool for carrying a brand, ignoring the importance of effective fulfilment, and missing the opportunity to influence buyers.

·     Longer lasting impact

Customers value print collateral for the same reason they take handwritten notes and use handouts. Paper is ingrained in our day-to-day lives and provides the ideal manner by which to reinforce a brand by keeping it front of mind.

A leave-behind subtly reinforces your brand, but unlike email or social media marketing, it’s physical and tangible, and can remain on a desk where the customer will see it every day, as opposed to being buried in their inbox or social feed. This ensures it leaves a longer-lasting impression.

·     Beating your prospects’ expectations

Print collateral builds and strengthens relationships, that’s why you want it to be right first time, every time. There’s no room for errors, which means high quality production and tight fulfilment timelines.

Outsourcing fulfilment will see that time requirements are met and can in-turn free-up the time and energy required to exceed prospects’ expectations.

Achieving that Key Combination

It’s anticipated that print collateral will always have a place in marketing. The use of conceptual leave-behinds as part of a marketing campaign is far from outdated, as many inbound-only marketers would have you believe.

Print marketing collateral remains a very creative and authentic form of marketing and combined with effective fulfilment can deliver immensely valuable results.

If you’d like assistance in ensuring the fulfilment of your marketing collateral is the best it can be, contact EC Group today.