Solidteknics launches in UK with EC Group

EC Group is delighted to be working with Australian cookware manufacturer Solidteknics whose AUS-ION™ range of cookware has just landed in the UK. Made 100% in Australia from Australian materials, the range is multi-century durable, pre-seasoned bare iron for natural, non-toxic, forever-renewable non-stick.

Founder and development engineer Mark Henry’s mission is…

“To build not just a collection of great products and a memorable brand, but to introduce industry-changing innovation and build a truly great company which will endure for generations and contribute back to our families, our communities and our world…..contributing more profoundly than by monetary means alone”.

EC Group is delighted to be helping to fulfill that mission and, working with, to sell Solidteknics pans in the UK. Check out the range and buy at

For more information on Solidteknics, including its heritage and values, go to