Customs Warehouse authorisation adds further value to EC Group’s fulfilment service offer

We’re delighted to announce that as of 19th November 2014 EC Group is authorised to operate an HMRC approved customs warehouse.

This represents a significant value added service for customers wishing to store goods imported from outside the EU. EC Group’s customs warehouse facility enables customers to suspend the payment of duties and VAT up to the point that their goods are brought into free circulation, thereby providing a valuable cash-flow advantage. And because authorisation is only granted after rigorous examination of procedures and a comprehensive site audit, it’s further proof of the strength and integrity of our fulfilment operation.

As EC Group MD Chris Long put it: “The combination of our comprehensive fulfilment service offer and our competitive pricing already provides a compelling reason to use EC Group. For a number of our customers the HMRC customs warehouse status will be the icing on the cake.”