New flexi gives EC a lift – just in time for Christmas fulfilment

IMG_Flexi 20140923The pre-Christmas rush has already started at EC Group, with the influx of a variety of merchandise, including Christmas trees and crackers, representing a throughput of approximately 2000 pallets per week expected at our fulfilment centre over the coming month.

There really couldn’t have been a better time to bring our new Flexi fork lift truck into action…

With a lifting capacity of 1200 kg to a height of 10 metres, the narrow-aisle Flexi truck gives us additional capacity just when we need it. Perfect timing!

And timing is crucial for today’s just-in-time supply chains. The sooner we can get goods off-loaded and onto our system, the sooner we can fulfill our customers’ orders and get their goods to market.

Having the right kit for the job is essential for this and the new truck gives us even greater capacity for fast turnaround of vehicles, and rapid put-away and retrieval into/out of pallet locations.

Mark Barker, EC Group warehouse manager commented: “The new truck has been a great boost and it’s certainly earning its money! Its capacity and manoeuvrability are impressive and make it a massively useful addition.”