New report rates outsourced business support specialist EC Group as ‘strong’ performer in UK warehousing industry

A new report has highlighted EC Group – a leading specialist in outsourced business support services – as one of the strongest companies in the UK warehousing industry.

The report – produced by Plimsoll, a leading global provider of market reports and company analyses – examined the individual performance of the top 470 companies in the warehousing sector.

Despite the many challenges currently facing the changing warehousing market, the Plimsoll Analysis rated EC Group as a strong performer.

In contrast, the report gave almost one third of UK warehousing companies a ‘danger’ rating because of their “precarious financial position” and their failure to “lift themselves out of trouble”. Plimsoll identified 27 of these companies as likely acquisition targets.

Chris Long, EC Group’s managing director, says: “It is pleasing to be given such a positive rating by Plimsoll at a time when UK warehousing companies are facing a number of key challenges as they seek to take advantage of the economic recovery.”

Long says EC Group is continuing to perform strongly by focusing on helping its clients to meet major challenges such as:

  • The management of supply chain volatility and uncertainty.
  • The development of rationalised customer and supplier networks.
  • The implementation of regional cost-optimised solutions with sufficient flexibility to respond to local market dynamics.

“As a strong player in the market, EC Group provides solidity and stability which helps limit volatility and uncertainty,” says Long.

He points out that EC Group’s extensive service offering means it is ideally placed to help clients rationalise their supplier base. The company’s bespoke services encompass all aspects of warehousing, distribution and marketing services “under one roof”.

Long says: “Our agility allows us to tailor our offer to our clients’ individual requirements. Our scale of operation gives us an extremely efficient cost base, which, coupled with a high degree of flexibility, enables our clients to respond to local market dynamics and optimise time-to-market.”

EC Group is currently celebrating its 200th anniversary in the packing, warehousing and distribution business. It combines its 200 years of experience with the latest 21st century technology to provide tailor-made services designed to meet each client’s specific requirements.

The company has over three million cubic feet of secure storage space at its warehouse complexes in Hayes, Middlesex and Grays, Essex.

EC Group puts a heavy emphasis on robust systems and procedures and is fully accredited to key international standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

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