Risk-taking in branding and design

World-class advertising, branding and design all demand talented clients who understand the value of risk-taking

Much of today’s advertising, branding and design seems reminiscent of Macbeth’s comments about life: “… a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.”

That sense of ‘signifying nothing’ seems particularly apt. Take the current branding exercise at ITV, for example, where the broadcaster is currently undergoing its fourth re-branding exercise in only ten years.

That effort, detailed by Raymond Snoddy in Marketing (11 January 2006), is called ‘Brand 2010’. Naturally, it is backed by extensive research and in-depth analysis, which has included communicating with 6,000 viewers and conducting innumerable workshops with ITV staff. It has also been supported by the considerable talents and resources of M&C Saatchi and Sir Martin Sorrell’s MindShare…

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